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TDM Specialists develop planning documents for TDM/TSM/TMP requirements. We create:

We have a proven track record of getting employees out of their cars. As projects are built and occupied, TDM Specialists can develop the structure, outreach, and campaigns necessary to implement and manage employee Commute Programs or parking management programs. The initial start-up, implementation, and ongoing management of the Commute Program are designed to meet employee benefits for businesses. Commuter surveys can also provide data needed to support LEED certification.

The purpose of TDM is to promote more efficient utilization of existing transportation facilities, reduce traffic congestion and mobile source emissions, and ensure that projects maximize the potential for alternative transportation use. Often, commuter programs result in recruitment and retention advantages.

About Elizabeth Hughes

Elizabeth Hughes is TDM Specialists Inc.’s President and Principal Transportation Demand Management (TDM) planner. Ms. Hughes has more than 20 years of experience developing sustainable TDM plans, vehicle trip mitigation, and parking demand reduction strategies. She also creates customized commuter programs for property managers, facilities professionals, human resource staff, and large and small employers. Real Estate developers and architects receive pre-development mitigation assessments and parking demand reduction planning support.

As a practitioner in the commuter management industry, Ms. Hughes has a unique ability to identify transportation needs and corresponding mobility resources. This specialty knowledge allows her to coordinate appropriate solutions that include transit or shuttles, carpool, bicycle, walk, vanpool, and telecommute. Significant survey data from a variety of projects (office, biotech, hi-tech, retail, business parks, multi-family residential, etc.) provides distinct advantages that allow Ms. Hughes to create successful marketing campaigns to promote and enhance rideshare options.